Sunday, April 27, 2014

Many women first experience severe back pain during pregnancy.  Because it is new to them, they may be at a loss as to how to cope with it.  Why do they have back pain?  Because the extra weight they are carrying in front pulls their back out of alignment.  This causes compression of the spine, with pinched nerves and resulting pain.  This becomes most intense during the late stages of pregnancy.  You know this will correct itself after the birth, when you are no longer carrying that extra weight.  But you do not want to wait.  You need ways to alleviate the pain right away.  Here are some tips to help.

Though it is difficult, try to return to a correct posture as much as possible.  Bring your back into alignment as much as you can, overcoming the tendency to slump.  Spend a half hour or so lying down at intervals during the day, taking pressure off your lower back.  Ask your doctor or nurse for exercises you can do to stretch the lower back and relieve pressure.  You may even find an exercise class or yoga class especially for pregnant women.

Shoes that give your body good support and help keep your back in alignment are essential.  Avoid wearing scuffs and slippers that do not provide this support. Invest in some maternity clothing that does not bind.  Clothing should be loose.  Tight clothing can keep your back in an awkward position, causing pain.

Back pain during pregnancy can be made worse by lifting heavy objects.  Ask someone else to lift things for you.  When you do need to lift, follow safe techniques, keeping your back straight and bending from the knees.  Improper lifting can make the misalignment of the spine during pregnancy far worse, even causing long term damage.

It may be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position, and you may need to change positions often during the night.  Sleeping on one side or the other may be recommended.  Sleeping on your stomach, of course, is
not.  You may be able to sleep comfortably on your back by placing pillows under you where necessary.

Massage to relieve your lower back pain can be effective.  But it is best done by a professional.

Walking while maintaining upright posture can help.  It will strengthen the muscles supporting your back, and give you the overall health benefits of exercising, with increased circulation.

Ask women friends and family what they did during pregnancy to relieve back pain or avoid it altogether.  They may have some helpful suggestions.  They will also give you sympathetic support.

Following up on these suggestions can help you ease your lower back pain during pregnancy.  Though you may dismiss it as temporary, if you do not take care of it during pregnancy, it may cause damage to the lower spine that carries over after pregnancy.  Pain is a signal from your body, telling you to take corrective action.  It is always a good idea to heed it and do what you can to lessen the pain.


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