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 In my last post I shared that around 13 million people only from US suffer from back pains. So you can estimate how much total expense for the treatment would be. On a rough calculation in the year 2013 American people spent around $86 billion to treat Extreme Lower Back Pain ..... can you imagine that?

This is really a HUGE burden for the government to spend so much for this not so focused cause which you can not call a disease even .... it's said, a symptom ! Unluckily, even after spending so much there is very less to negligible 'positive outcome'. This are not my words ... this has been endorsed in numerous latest publications and journals. As per those publications, the cases of Low Back Pain is rising every year and so the medical expenses. The major part of these expenses are made for expensive processes like spinal anesthesia, pain relieving injections, MRI, X-Ray and surgeries. The second one is expensive medicines which actually provide short-term, temporary relief.

So these question often come to our mind.....

How to Relieve Lower Back Pain? OR .... What To Do For Lower Back Pain?

Yes, for severe and chronic low back pains we have no other option but the above said high  expense treatments. But at the beginning of symptoms, when you start feeling the pain at your lower back, may be upper or extreme lower or even side back, it can be treated with some basic care, at your home. Please keep on reading ......

Home Remedies For Back Pain

Most of the medical references said that all acute low back pains disappear of it's own within a few hours, though some may stay a few days but it is better to take some measures to prevent it to turn into a chronic pain.

Here are some simple ways to relieve back ache .....

Apply ice on the painful area
    Ice is one of the the best home remedy if applied within 1-2 days after the first attack. By virtue, ice has good anti-inflammatory effect and if applied immediately it can work like a miracle. But some doctors say, ice can increase stiffness. So it can only be used with 12hrs of injury. Try to apply ice over the affected area and also to the adjacent areas at a gap of 1-2 hours..

Add some Heat
    It is observed that the pain area often has very less blood flow. So applying head to the affected are improves blood flow and so the low back muscles get relaxed. This eventually improves the flexibility of the muscles so they can contract - relax easily. As a result your uneasiness of movement relieves.
Some doctors also suggest that for painful conditions at lower back you should apply a combination of both cold and hot for faster relief. Try cold and hot one after another.

A little Stretching can help
    It is a normal trend that when we start feeling pain at our lower back we tend to take rest. But believe me,
most of the cases it worsens the situation. Try some body movements like walking, simple stretching or small exercises. These are very important as it not only help your back muscles restore its power as stretching reduces muscle stiffness and increases the motion of spine to relieve pain. There are so many good stretches available to try but before starting one you should examine carefully which works on which muscle.  It's good to keep in mind that all stretching are not helpful.Some may worsen the condition also. Try the stretching slowly and note if it is working on your affected muscles or not.
In my coming posts I will discuss more about the best stretching for low back pain.

Take Pills for Few Days
    As I said earlier taking medications does not help in long-term treatment.. You can use medications just to initiate movement so that you can try other Home Remedies For Back Pain or to start other daily activities. The medicines helps in relieving pain are muscles relaxants and/or anti-inflammatory drugs.
There are some other medication also which I shared in my last post on Other Treatments for Lower Back Pain Relief.

Correct your Postures
    It is one of the simple but efficacious Treatment For Back Pain. It offers temporary relief to you pain but if you make it a habit it can neutralize most of the Causes Of Lower Back Pain.
The posture is widely use and which helped a lot of people relieving back pains is to lying with the back side up and placing 2 soft pillows under your waist. Another good posture is to attracting your both knees towards your chest while lying on your back.

These are the basics on Home Remedies For Back Pain. Here I should remind you that these are mainly for temporary relief or for initial phases. Studies show that most of the acute low back ache are recurring in nature. The re-occurrence can be within few months and it is noted that whenever it comes back it comes with more severity.
So it is my request or advice or suggestion to you to follow the above said remedies regularly, mainly, Exercises For Low Back Pain, practicing correct postures, keeping some medicines in your first aids box etc. It's well said: 'Prevention is better than Cure'.

Please share your valuable opinion and suggestion in the comment box.


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