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With proper Back Pain Treatment anybody can get almost permanent relief from Severe Lower Back Pain, of course, it taken care at the early stage. I used the word 'almost permanent relief' because, the after-care is also very important and should not be neglected by any means. The main is to maintain correct body posture and follow healthy living habit to avoid further injury.

Once again I am emphasizing on Lower Back Exercises. A suitable exercise schedule for everyday is very essential to Get Rid Of Back Pain Permanently. If it is not possible for you to do exercise everyday you must try to do at-least for 3 times a week.  I'll discuss more about exercises in my coming posts.

The common symptom of back pain is your lower back restricts from bending and thus you find trouble in moving. As a case it is also observed people can not sleep comfortably. Here comes the importance of body posture. Always maintain a good posture to ensure that the painful situation does not worsen. At this point I once again want to remind you that if your pain persists for longer time do not hesitate to visit your doctor for immediate consultation. As a primary investigation the doctor for low back pain may ask you to do an X-Ray or other smaller tests. Do not delay -- those are mainly to detect the cause of the back pain so that the doctor can prescribe you the most suited Low Back Pain Treatment. For immediate relief you may be asked to take some pain-killers or pain relieving ointments / creams or analgesic sprays to apply locally. For chronic cases with Severe Lower Back Pain you may be suggested to for higher treatment. I have already discussed some of those in my earlier post: How To Relieve Lower Back Pain : Causes,Symptoms n Treatment .

Side-by-side you should continue lower back exercises to Strengthen Lower Back. The most effective steps are the Stretches For Back Pain. Start with stretching your backbone and leg muscles slowly and  softly. Just bend your body as much as possible and count to 10. Then return back to normal position and wait for 10sec. Doing this simple bending for min 20 times a day can relieve low back pain to a great extent. Besides, this will relax the back muscles which will improve your flexibility.

Do not do this work-out very fast  as it can aggravate your Sciatic nerves and increase pain. For those who are unaware about Sciatic nerves --- it is the largest nerve in human body which generates from the lower spinal cord and extends upto the lower part of the body. It covers full lower limb i.e. from low back to the knee through hip. So when you are crying 'Why Does My Back Hurt' is actually a pain of Sciatic nerves, normally termed as Sciatica. In painful conditions the nerve gets inflamed and the inflamed nerve sends painful sensation to the brain. In a call for on 'How To Get Rid Of Back Pain Permanently'  it is very important to treat Sciatica properly, slowly and effectively. The basic way to treat Sciatica is to take ample bed rest. This helps you to rejuvenate and allows your body sufficient time to treat swollen nerves. The others are higher pain management drugs like corticosteroids, muscle relaxants or even surgery which I'll discuss in my coming posts.

In chronic back pain conditions you should be very careful while doing exercises so that it should not affect your Sciatica nerves. If possible try to seek for a trainer's help at the beginning till you are totally practiced to perform those alone. If you lack time to visit a trainer you can follow some good videos available online.

Here I have added a very good video by renowned yoga teacher Jen Hilman which will guide you slowly to the easy to follow Lower Back Exercises. It also includes some Yoga For Lower Back Pain steps.

Disclaimer: I do not own this video and not a part of this video by any means. So I can not guarantee the results or effects of the video.

A small tip: While doing exercises try to use the Best Mattress For Back Pain.Never perform these on floor or on your bed.

So to Get Rid Of Back Pain Permanently please keep these in your mind....

1) Exercise daily -- Seek help from a trainer
2) Do not overdo -- go slow
3) Do not do anything that can aggravate the Sciatic nerves.
4) For severe back pain -- consult doctor immediately.
5) Take sufficient bed rest.


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