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Lower back pain is among the most common problems that most middle aged people have. The percentage is very high for people with office jobs and overweight people. Data says, around 80% of the adult in United states suffers from lower back pain. As per doctors' prescription audit it is the second highest numbered  'common reason' when people seek for a doctor. The highest is 'cold and Flu'. In US only around 13 million people, mainly aged above 40 years, visit a doctors chamber with chronic back pain.

Why so? Is Chronic Back Pain so dangerous? No, it's not that dangerous as it normally can not not cause any death but it can put your life to a halt with pain, uncomfortableness and stiffness. Extreme lower back pain affects the spinal cord by affecting its strength,stability and flexibility. As a result, more than 2 million people in US only left as disabled.

When to decide for a Lower Back Pain Treatment

Assuming that you have a back pain that is creating obstacle to your everyday life. Just watch out for these symptoms to take a final call for lower back pain relief.

1. If you are feeling a Tenderness with pain, and hardness at the lower back
2. Occasionally you feel a Pain sensation that goes around to the buttocks or lower body.
3. You have an issue with standing up or standing long time in one position.
4. Even you feel irritation while try to sit
5. You feel your lets are more weaker than ever.

Lower Back Pain Causes

Normally, it is found that Lower back pain is mainly caused by an injury, external or internal. And most of the cases, sudden injuries like nervous strain from elevating heavy goods, sudden twisting and bowing your lower part of body. In some cases it can be a side effect of any other serious diseases like an infection and/or rheumatism or arthritis. Some times it can be due to a tumor formation at the lower part of the body.  A torn or bulging disk, any cracking or fracture of the vertebra induced by osteoporosis, spinal stenosis (narrowing of the space around the spinal cord) can be a reason for low back pain.

Other factors those increase chance of low back pain are age, smoking, gaining sudden weight or overweight, excessive mental tension or depression, excessive physical work and lack of rest.

Another common case where lower back pain is prominent is pregnancy but it is temporary. The main reason for pregnancy related back pain is sudden increase in weight in the lower part of the body.

How To Relieve Lower Back Pain: Basics

The basic of Lower Back Pain Treatment is that any back pain can be avoided by making your back muscles strong. And for that you need to practice Lower Back Pain Exercises regularly. Secondly, you must put your body in the habit to your daily job. As example, if you are to lift heavy goods regularly show your body how to behave while lifting so that it does not get any strains. You know, human body is a very good learner.
In my coming posts I'll discuss more about exercises for back pain relief.

When all these fails, you need to visit a doctor and when you visit the doctor, you are asked to perform some normal works like walk, stand, sit and twisting the body. Then your reflex action is checked with basic neurological tests like touch, heat or cold sensation, pin-prick etc.

At the second part of back pain treatment the doctor may ask you to perform some tests like X-Ray, MRI scan(Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CT scan (Computed Tomography Scan) and Bone Scan. Then the doctor prescribes you some pain killers, a muscle relaxant and sometimes an antioxidant. If there is an injury, you may be prescribed with an antibiotic.
But, remember, all these medicines work short time. For longer relief, you may need to take these for long time, which again has it's own side effects.

 So you may now ask: Then How To Relieve Lower Back Pain?

The best way to improve Chronic Back Pain is self care.  Most of the cases the condition improves only with self care.  You are able to depress your chance of back troubles by doing regular exercise, keeping a sound and balanced body-weight, and applying safe and effective position while doing your daily jobs like how to bend and lift the right way, sleep on strong mattress, keep your back straight while sitting on chairs, wear low heel shoes, don't rest your back too much as too much rest can make it stiff and increase the back pain.. But remember you must consult doctor if the pain does not arrest  within 3 days. Because it may be serious. For long term severe back pain, you may need to have stronger medicines (e.g. injections), physiotherapy, or even a surgery.

Other Treatments for Lower Back Pain Relief

Alternative therapies can help relax muscle stress, adjust position, relieve pain, and foreclose long term back troubles by strengthening  muscle tone and improving bone joint stability. One of the easiest method which you can try at home is using hot-n-cold packs. This improves blood circulation and loosens the muscles. Thus provides lower back pain relief.

As said earlier, regular exercises also improves the condition. Specially designed Lower Back Pain Exercises can help tone up your kernel abdominal muscles and the back muscles to reduce pain and make lower back firmer.

Nutrition Supplements and Antioxidants

Though there is no such particular diet plan for back pain, but a good diet can keep your body fit and sound weighed. Eat a healthy diet with a lot of fruits, veggies, grains. Pick foods that are contain less saturated fat and sugar. Take more than sufficient water.Green leafy vegetables are also good supplier of Antioxidants which help in improving inflammatory conditions. Antioxidants also control secretion of architectonic acid which is responsible for pain sensation. You can have antioxidant pills also.

Avoid taking any type of stimulants like caffeine, alcohol , tobacco etc.

Herbs for Lower Back Pain

Herbaceous plants can also help relieve lower back pain. Herbs are usually available as purified dry forms like pills, capsules, tablets etc., extracts like teas, tinctures, syrups etc.    The natural herbs those help in back problems are Turmeric (Curcuma longa),  bromelain,  Devil's claw (Harpagophytum procumbens),  Willow bark (Salix alba), Capsaicin (Capsicum frutescens) etc. I'll discuss about these in my coming posts.


Other lower back pain remedies used widely are Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Massage, Yoga and Tai Chi. Though these are mainly country specific and lesser number of studies available for these but in some special cases these works like wonder.

I hope this post has helped you understand the Lower Back Pain Causes and now you can plan on How To Relieve Lower Back Pain.

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