Sunday, May 11, 2014

Too many people suffer with chronic back pain and it's usually due to lifestyle and not treating the back with a little TLC. Start being more considerate of how you use your back all day long and take the time to help it heal when it's sore. The following simple remedies can help reduce the amount of pain you experience.

 10 Easy Steps To Get Rid of Back Pain

1. Stretch and try back-specific exercises. Stretching increases your flexibility and helps to ease muscle tension. Stretch each morning when you get out of bed and sometime during the day if possible. Research different exercises that are designed to strengthen ab and lower back muscles, making your whole core stronger to support the use of your back.

2. Alternate between hot and cold remedies. Try an ice-pack to reduce swelling and a heating pad to soothe muscles; 15 minutes with each should suffice. Do it at the end of every day and be sure to relax.

3. Find a good OTC (Over the Counter) pain reliever. Simple back pain can be minimized with a trusted over the counter medicine that won't complicate your life like the strong narcotics. Take as prescribed and keep a travel-size bottle with you at work or in the car.

4. Rest your back frequently during the day. Especially if you are employed in hard labor or sit in a chair all day long, you need to stop and recoup. Do so as often as circumstances allow, getting yourself in a position which takes the pressure off your back.

5. Use a massage pad at your desk or in your car. Stimulation can work kinks out of your back and energize you; use one wherever it will do the most good. Look for a trusted manufacturer that specializes in healing, not the cheapest device possible.

6. Don't stay in the same position for long periods. Prolonged resting in bed can actually increase your aches and pains, as will sitting on the sofa watching TV. Although it's logical to think that remaining motionless will help, it actually stiffens joints and causes muscles to tighten and kink.

7. Try walking and other moderate exercise. Regular low-impact physical activity can improve the conditions working against your back and increase your over-all health. Try a quick morning walk, one at lunch or a relaxing swim after work if possible.

8. Start a pain journal. Logging when and where it hurts, how badly and the length of time it lasts can help you figure out what's going on. You may not realize that some activity is hurting you. In addition, this information can be very useful if you need to visit a doctor in the future.

9. Invest in a new mattress. Sleeping on an old mattress or one that isn't just right can wreak havoc on your entire body; look for medium support that won't allow your spine to sag or curve when you sleep. Firm support doesn't mean hard either.

10. Call your physician. If your pain is very intense or simply won't go away, contact your doctor. Tell him all that you do in the day and what methods of relief you've tried. Bring your pain journal to help him diagnose and advise.

Back pain is very frustrating! Take the time to try some of these tips and you should start feeling better right away.


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