Saturday, June 14, 2014

Many people suffer from back pain, but few actually realize that they can stop back pain on their own. In many cases, back pain can be prevented by making lifestyle changes. You can learn more about these back pain preventing changes in the article below.

Your posture plays an important part in whether you get back pain or not. When sitting in a chair, your knees should be placed higher than your hips. This can be accomplished by using a stool if you can't do it otherwise. Your chair should have a straight back and support for the lower back. Some individuals may need to stand for long periods of time for their jobs. They should stand with their stomach pulled in and their heads up. One foot can be rested on a stool every 15 minutes if allowed. Slouching and hunched postures can be detrimental to your back and may cause severe damage in the long run.

Many people work at jobs that require them to lift heavy objects. These people are more prone to back pain than many others, mainly because many of them don't know the proper way to lift heavy objects. When lifting, always bend the knees and squat. When standing up, bring the object close to the body and pull in the stomach muscles. Don't ever twist while lifting and don't bend over at the waist. If you can avoid lifting the object all together, try pushing it. Pushing causes less strain on the back muscles and spine than lifting and people who push are less likely to have bad form while doing it.

High heels are a popular fashion accessory among women. The shoes may look stylish and trendy, but they
are bad for the back. High heels alter the center of gravity of the wearer. This shift in the center causes the lower back to become strained. If you have to wear heels, opt for smaller heels rather than tall ones. A size of one inch is preferred for maximum heel comfort. If you still want to wear heels, bring a pair of low heel shoes that you can put on if the high heels being to give you discomfort.

Many people carry a bag around. Students carry backpacks to store books, school supplies, and laptops. Most women carry handbags to store items, and even business men and women carry briefcases for important paperwork. These bags can cause back pain over time. When purchasing bags or briefcases, make sure they have a strap that is wide, long, and can be adjusted, such as a messenger bag. The weight of the bag can be evenly distributed if you place its strap on the opposite shoulder. If you have any strapless bags, alternate the hands you use to carry it to prevent putting stress on one part of your body. Don't over stuff your bag to prevent the amount of weight your back must support.

Once you make the changes listed here, you should be able to prevent back pain. Stopping the pain begins with you, so do what you can to make sure it doesn't happen.


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