Monday, June 9, 2014

Constant back pain is bothering millions of people right now, many of whom rely on strong medications that can lead to dependence and even addiction. There are, however, many ways to address that aching back without turning to drugs. Try them first and see if they don't help you out.

1. Handle stress effectively. Stress cause tension all over your body and especially in the back; when muscles seize-up and tighten, you're sure to have an aching back soon. Manage stress out of your body with mental exercises or by eliminating sources as you can.

2. Try yoga for strength, flexibility and relaxation. This ancient practice can do wonders for your mind and body. Sign up for an instructed course and learn how to stretch and hold in various positions that will ease muscle tension and improve your overall muscular system. Once you know what you're doing, you can lay the mat out in your living room and practice a few times a week or as needed.

3. Visit a chiropractor. This form of treatment has also been around for a long time, so there is definitely the potential for alleviating your back pain. Explain your problem in detail and let the chiropractor formulate a specific plan for you; visit as often as he recommends and adhere to any follow-up advice provided.

4. Get a massage every week. Few things relieve the body of stress, knots and pain like a thorough professional massage; treat yourself to one and see how you feel the next day. It may be very therapeutic for you to make a weekly appointment in order to control your back pain. In some cases, insurance may cover massage if it is considered a necessity.

5. Eat right and work out to manage weight. Excess weight applies excess pressure on your back no matter how well you handle everything else in your day; if you're more than 10 pounds over your ideal weight, talk to your doctor about a regimen that will help you get down in size or sign-up at your local gym. Make a healthy and balanced diet a staple in your life too.

6. Sit up straight! Posture will wreak havoc on your back, hips, shoulders, neck and even knee joints. Invest in something that will help you sit properly or make a mental note to do so; poor posture over time will damage the discs of your spine permanently. Good posture is a small effort considering what you gain from it.

7. Soak and swim regularly. A hot bath will ease muscles and relieve pressure in your back; make a habit of enjoying one at least one a week or after any particularly stressful day. Try swimming as a low-impact workout for your whole body and also for the hydro-therapy.

The back pain can make you miserable; you don't have to suffer nor do you necessarily need to use powerful medications for it. Try the above mentioned remedies and hopefully, you will experience less back pain soon.


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