Saturday, January 3, 2015

Without any long intro let me come to the point directly. In this article I am going to show you 3 simple Lower Back Pain Stretches which will help keep the back pain away. I have also added pictures of these exercises so that these can be followed easily. Please read below....

1. Open Hips
Stretch the muscles of the lower back to the femur. Sit on the edge of the table, benches or beds. Lie on your back and grasp the knees, the whole lower back should be in contact with the substrate. Receive the left knee with both hands and provide the right foot so it hang freely. Hold for 10 seconds, then press the muscles and stretch them again. Repeat, then switch to the other leg. Make two sets of exercises on each side.
Lower Back Pain Stretch 1

2. Stretching from the side
The goal of you lower back muscles that extend from the top of the hips to the ribs. Lie on the floor on the right side, you can rely on the forearm. Bend the left leg and slide it as far as you can stomach without moving your lower leg. Left foot let him be on the floor. Slowly lift your upper body, so that the right hand is flat. Stop when you feel slightly tightening on the right side of the waist. Exercise 2 sets on each side.
Lower Back Pain Stretch 2

3. L Attitude
Stretch muscles of the buttocks and hip. Stand in front of a table or a surface that is level with your hips. Lift the right knee and ankle so as to be on the table. The leg should form a shape L and be flush with the hook. Bend your lower back and lean your upper body forward. Make two sets with each leg.
Lower Back Pain Stretch 3


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